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Look At What The Jubilee Government Is Doing In The Name Of Constructing The Great Wall Of Somali

We’ve all heard a fair enough share of the Al-Shabaab terror attacks, because in one way or another we’ve lost a brother, sister, friend and of course fellow countrymen. The jubilee government decided that it is time we build a very tall wall between Kenya and Somali. The Coalition for reforms and democracy on the other hand was quick to point out that since there was no budget drawn for the same, this is only going to be another mega corruption scandal that will see the country lose money to a tune of billions.

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Most of us have blamed CORD and its leaders for speaking the same language with the Al-shabaab and that’s why they are opposing the construction of the wall. At some point, our own deputy president is on record saying the ODM and CORD as a whole is the political wing of the Al-shabaab and that’s why they are opposing every move the government is taking to secure Kenya.

It has now emerged that we are not only likely to lose a lot of money but also enter into a huge debt as a country. This after the delegation that accompanied the cabinet secretary in charge of the treasure to the annual World Bank meeting started lobbying for the funding of the construction of the Kenya-Somali wall. And if you did not know, they were not just seeking funding but billions of money.

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