Mario Balotelli has Demons and Here is the Proof

By Eve Kay-August 12, 2015

Football players are known for having larger than life personalities and I think it is mostly because the earn a lot of money and they have many fans. Other than that, I think they are quite interesting to watch for reasons best known to me. Unfortunately, some of the football stars tend to be more famous for other reasons other than football. One such individual is Mario Balotelli who plays for the Liverpool Football Club. He is accused of having demons, but not in the way that you would expect. It seems that his head is filled up with many demons, and they include fame and stardom. In turn, they have made him develop a negative attitude and this is in fact affecting his performance. I pray that the demons go away so that he can concentrate more on football. Since he is not the only person in the world that can play football, someone else might just take his spot on his team.

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