Medical Detainees At KNH Sleeping With Doctors To Clear Bills

It has now emerged that most of the female patients who go to Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment then fail to pay for the treatment are now having sex with doctors so as to raise funds for their release. Most of these women who have been in the facility for long and have huge hospital bills to clear before they can be discharged, have been deserted by their relatives something that has played a role in their plight.

It is really surprising to see such things happen noting that doctors are always under oath not to engage in such activities with their patients. The bitter part of the story is that the women have nothing else to do other than to undress for these doctors for as little as Ksh 300. Most of them say that they have tried getting help from their local leaders but this has not bored any fruits as they are mostly ignored by the leaders.

Taking advantage of these women’s plight, doctors at KNH have now turned their offices and consultation rooms into love making beds. We are yet to see if the ministry of health will crack a whip on all those who will be found guilty of the offence.

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