Meet the Kenyan Designer that Dresses the Top Influential Women in Kenya

By Eve Kay-July 28, 2015

It is important to always look good and dress well, and the pressure to do this is more for people that are usually on the limelight. It is no wonder that the services of a personal stylist as well as that of reputable designers is needed for such individuals. Here in Kenya, one such designer has taken over the fashion industry and she goes by the name Deepa Dosaja. Her designs were recently worn by Lupita Nyong’o when she recently came back top Kenya. The other notable individual that wore her designs was the late Wangari Maathai’s daughter when she went to the dinner held for president Obama. Here are some of Deepa Dosaja’s designs.

images 1image 2

It is good to know and hear that a Kenyan designer is receiving recognition as people are buying her clothes. In fact, she has a shop at Riverside Drive, and there you can be able to go and have a look at her various designs and even make a purchase. Indeed, Dosaja is doing quite a commendable job.

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