Men that want to Impress the Women in their Lives have to Read this!!!

By Eve Kay-July 17, 2015

There is no magic involved and the only thing that men should know about is that women are more impressed by actions than words. Men just have to understand the woman they love and then know what makes them happy, and try to find ways of satisfying them. Even simple gestures just like telling her how beautiful she is can make a huge difference. Kenyan men need to take a hint from their western counterparts so that they get ideas about this issue since they seem to be clueless.

Some Kenyan men have indeed found ways of impressing their women such as the Honorable Ababu Namwamba and Isaac Mwaura who took their wives for lavish trips abroad. They seem to be the perfect examples of men that go the extra mile for their women. Any woman regardless of where they come from will cherish such a man. I believe that men now need to take an initiative and do more for their women.

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