Moses Kajwang’ Fakes Injuries To Win Homa Bay Elections

Moses Kajwang’ has been in the news for all the wrong reasons now. Despite the people of Homa Bay showing it clearly that they do not want him, Moses has been trying all he can to win sympathy votes. Earlier on we reported that he had been attacked while campaigning at a funeral service and injured. It has now emerged that despite being attacked, he was never injured at all.

Dr Kevin Osuri of Homa Bay level four hospital claims that after the incidence, he got the chance to treat Moses. Unfortunately, Moses came with his own treatment as he wanted to be given a neck brace, plasters and crutches. Due to professional ethics that govern hospitals and doctors, the doctor could not give into Moses’s demands.

Since ODM believes in using force to get what they want, TJ Kajwang who is brother to Moses grabbed the neck brace from the doctor and placed it on his brothers neck. Unfortunately, he placed it upside down. They also did not get the crutches and thus opted to leave the hospital and address the media. We are yet to see if he will win the elections.

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