Osborne of Tusker FC found at the Most Unusual Place

By Eve Kay-August 14, 2015

In Kenya, when someone goes missing, most times it is assumed that they will come back after a few days. If no effort is used in finding out where the missing person went to, it is highly likely that they will never be seen. The latest case of a missing individual is Osborne Monday who plays for the Tusker FC as a mid-fielder. Earlier on there were reports that he was missing after a suspicious and weird incident took place. There are claims that some unknown people came to his house located in Umoja and they took him away in their Toyota Probox. They claimed that they were police officers and then took him away. Since we have not heard that Osborne has been involved in any crime, there is a need to establish why the police took him. Luckily, Osborne was found in one of the many Nairobi police stations. There is no much information about him, but we hope that he is doing good.

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