Is the Gay Man Fashionable: Truth or Cliche’? (Photos)!!!!!

By Eve Kay-July 16, 2015 A common cliché claims that most gay men are extremely stylish, and I seem to agree with this statement. The gay men usually tend to display either feminine or masculine traits, and this will affect…

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Why a Union between Kenya and Italy is Beneficial for Us

By Eve Kay-July 16, 2015 In Kenya, many of the Italians can be found at the coast, and especially in Malindi as they have made it their home. It means that the Italians are not strangers to Kenyans and the…

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Is Nudism Really Going to Attract the Attention of President Obama?

By Eve Kay-July 15, 2015 When you think of nudism, you visualize people walking around naked without feeling embarrassed, and this is true. Nudism is mostly practiced in western nations, but apparently some Kenyans think that they can practice it,…

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Why You Should not Miss the Next Luo Festival (PHOTOS)

By Eve Kay-July 15 2015 The Luo festival is one of the most vibrant and exciting events that was held last week at the Carnivore. It was a night to remember as the Luos’ represented their culture to the fullest…

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The Bandana Craze in Kenya: Its Real Meaning!!!!!!

By Eve Kay-July 15, 2015 Kenyans have been rocking bandanas for a long time, and people from different social classes commonly use them. It is easy to spot the house help putting on her yellow bandana or even seeing a…

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