What Octopizzo did before being Famous will Surprise You

By Eve Kay-August 12, 2015 In the past, people did not know about Octopizzo, as he was struggling to make a name for himself. Fortunately, he can now claim that he is one of leading hip-hop stars in Kenya.The rise…

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Kenyans on Twitter Ruthlessly Attack President Kagame

By Eve Kay-August 12, 2015 By now, many people from all over the world know about Kenyans on Twitter, and how opinionative they can be. They are not afraid to speak their mind and it does not matter whom they…

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Mario Balotelli has Demons and Here is the Proof

By Eve Kay-August 12, 2015 Football players are known for having larger than life personalities and I think it is mostly because the earn a lot of money and they have many fans. Other than that, I think they are…

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Popular Tahidi High Actor Succumbs to an Illness

By Eve Kay-August 11, 2015 It is quite a sad time when we hear about the death of an individual and especially if they are known to many people. I can now sadly claim that one of the most popular…

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