What Jaguar has done to his Father will Surprise You

Jaguar is known to many for being wealthy as well as being generous, among having other positive attributes. Upon losing his beloved mother, Jaguar saw the need to make sure that his father was well taken care off. He therefore…

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Huddah Monroe Hits Back at Vera Sidika and Other Haters

By Eve Kay-August 6, 2015 In my opinion, the Kenyan socialites are not enough and the only few that exist spend their time trying to establish their supremacy. Just a few days ago, Huddah Monroe was on the spotlight because…

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Find Out: Kalonzo Musyoka in a Debt Dilemma

By Eve Kay-August 6, 2015 These days when we hear about honorable Kalonzo Musyoka it is not about politics, but rather about certain funny incidents. The last time people heard about him was in the saga whereby people claimed that…

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Papa Shirandula Fires Shots at Pastor James Ng’ang’a

By Eve Kay-August 6, 2015 It is good to take up a stance against people who commit crimes, but nothing is usually done to make sure that they pay for their crimes. Furthermore, in Kenya, it seems that influential and…

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This is the Hilarious Photo of Govenernor Kidero’s Trousers

When people are going for public functions, they need to dress well and look the part because many people will be ready to scrutinize them. A recent event that took place at the Starehe Boys Center and it was attended…

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