Papa Shirandula Fires Shots at Pastor James Ng’ang’a

By Eve Kay-August 6, 2015

It is good to take up a stance against people who commit crimes, but nothing is usually done to make sure that they pay for their crimes. Furthermore, in Kenya, it seems that influential and rich people hardly ever to get to pay for their crimes, as they are able to escape punishment. In the latest incident that has involved Pastor Ng’ang’a of the Neno Evangelism, many Kenyans are infuriated by his actions. Furthermore, they are angry because of the way things are going, as he might not be prosecuted for the crime he committed. The pastor is accused of running over a woman and killing her as well as hurting her husband.

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Papa Shirandula is one of the Kenyans that is enraged by this issue and has thus used the social media platform to make his sentiments be known. In a tweet, he said that the Kenyan criminal justice system is extremely corrupt that it cannot deal with the criminal pastor. Therefore, Kenyans should not expect the prevailing system to deal with Al Shabab and I agree with him.

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