Pastor Kanyari Makes A Comeback On TV After Appearing On Churchill Show

After several months in the cold, the infamous pastor Kanyari today appeared on Churchill show. This was the first time Kanyari appeared on national TV after the expose by Jicho pevu which was aired on KTN by Mohamed Ali.

Set to make a comeback on national TV

When asked if his church is still full of members, Kanyari hinted that despite his name being soiled by the media, his church is still intact. He even hinted that he is soon set to make a comeback on national TVs because he has done no wrong. The funny part of it was when he said he has talked to NTVs management and he will be appearing on the station to deliver sermons and prophecies.

Prayed for the audience

Before leaving the stage, Kanyari asked Churchill show audience if they would still be willing to give their KES 310 for God’s work and the audience seemed to support him. He finalized by praying for the audience. We are all waiting to see his comeback.


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