Pastor Ng’ang’a is now Cursing People and this is what he is Saying

By Eve Kay-August 11, 2015

I really wonder when this “man of God” will stop with all what he is doing and just do what he is meant to do. I even wonder whether Pastor Ng’ang’a woke up one day and decided that he will do anything possible just to be in the media for all the wrong reasons. There are now claims that this pastor still wants to continue being the center of attention as he is threatening all the individuals that are claiming that he ran over a certain woman and killed her. Ng’ang’a continues to have more fans despite what he is accused of doing and he even addressed some members of his congregation concerning the matter. He has even gone ahead and cursed all the people that are still talking about the incident. He says that they will never be able to have children, will not get married and others will die prematurely. This is quite hilarious and being a Christian, I am sure that the curses will not affect anyone.

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