Paul Kobia Insults Raila Badly After Babu Owino Wins SONU Elections 2015

Paul Kobia is one man who is not new to controversies. Early this year, he suggested that the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology be named after him instead of having it named after a dead person. This did not go down well with MMUST students as most of them could not understand why he made such a remark when Kenyatta University, JKUAT and Kimathi University are all named after dead people.

Just a day after the University of Nairobi held its SONU elections 2015 where Babu Owino was declared winner, Kobia is at it again. He says it’s a shame for Raila Odinga who is 70 to have lost so many presidential elections yet Babu at only 26 has won 3 chairmanship elections at the university of Nairobi. Here is what Kobia tweeted:

Kobia had promised to give Babu a brand new Range Rover sport if he won the elections. We are yet to see if he will meet his promise bearing in mind that he never paid his followers whom he lied to he’ll give 1000 each for following him on twitter.

He even went ahead to tell Babu to give Raila Odinga some tutorials on how to win an election


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