Photo: Check out the Fuel Guzzler that Rapper Kristoff is now Driving

By Eve Kay-August 11, 2015

Most Kenyan musicians let alone rappers do not earn a lot of money that can ensure that they live lavish lifestyles. In fact, it is not an uncommon sight to see Kenyan rappers using matatus as their mode of transportation. However, this seems to be changing as one of the most upcoming Kenyan rappers has stepped a notch higher. The person that I am talking about is none other than rapper Kristoff of the ‘Dandia’ hit song. I am sure that most of you have heard this hit song and it really has a catchy tune. Kristoff has proven that he is indeed in his own league as he is now driving a Chrysler. He event went ahead and posted a photo of his brand new car on social media. I am very proud of him for making such a statement purchase and he should be an example to other artistes that still floss around in their Toyotas. It is evident that the sky is the limit for this upcoming musician.


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