Photo: Does Bien of Sauti Sol have Plans of Becoming a Stripper?

By Eve Kay- August 7, 2015

I am sure that many would pay to go see Bien perform if he was to show his exemplary stripper skills. In fact, this young man has many female followers, as he is the real meaning of a tall, dark and handsome man. He indeed as any woman’s dream man and I can deny that fact. Bien has a great body and just have a look at the photos that he posts on social media to know about what I am talking about. In this latest story, Bien claims that he can become a stripper since he knows all their moves and I am not surprised. In his latest social media post, he was seen putting on a revealing stripper outfit that leaves everything to the imagination. However, I highly doubt that Bien will be willing to tarnish his name as well as image and lower himself to the level of a stripper.


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