Photo: Sankara is too Expensive and you will not Believe who is Saying This

By Eve Kay-August 14, 2015

If you are going to dine at a five star establishment and in fact, one of the most expensive places in Nairobi, you must be prepared. It is obvious that the cost of purchasing the food and drink will not be the same as that of your local roadside restaurant. One of the most flamboyant and rich Kenyan lawyers known as Donald Kipkorir is the one who is complaining about Sankara’s exorbitant prices. As is the norm, he went on social media in order to make his complaint known to many. The lawyer spent more than 9000 shillings and it was quite hilarious that he also had to pay some money for parking, which was 100 shillings. During his rant, he made sure to inform whoever cared to listen about why the hotel restaurant is extremely expensive and thus the reason why only a handful of Kenyans are able to go to dine at the restaurant.


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