Lawyer Abdirahim Mohammed Abullahi before he was radicalized

Photos Of The Slain Lawyer Terrorist Mohammed Abdirahim Abdullahi

After news spread across the country that the slain lawyer terrorist who killed our 147 students in Garissa University spread across the country, friends and foes who knew him from his University days at the University Of Nairobi have been releasing his photos online. From the look of things, the terrorist was young and had a bright future ahead only that he chose to follow the wrong path in life.

It is also emerging that the guy knew who is who in Kenya. Blame it on radicalization because the guy could have been very influential in Mandera only if he could have chosen to follow his profession.

Here is a photo of the slain lawyer cum terrorist Mohammed Abdirahim Abdullahi in his early days.

Lawyer Abdikadir Mohammed Abullahi before he was radicalized


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