Photos: This is the Humble Beginnings that Pastor Ng’ang’a came from

By Eve Kay-July 31, 2015

Pastor Ng’ang’a is a man that is often in the media because of doing bad deeds, and he has made people wonder if he is indeed a real man of God. If he is not drunk driving, he is doing things that even non-religious people do not do. This man has caught the attention of many because he claims to be a man of God, but his actions are those of a sinner and a person that does not fear God. It is because of his actions that people want to find out where this man came from, and what he did in the past before becoming a pastor.

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I can now claim that based on some photos, it seems that the pastor came from extremely humble beginnings and he used to be a hawker as well as a shopkeeper in earlier times. He has indeed risen to riches, which has taken over his life and made him become a disgrace to many because of his actions.

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