Photos: This Male Celebrity has Caught up with the Bleaching Trend

By Eve Kay-August 3, 2015

I personally thought that the bleaching trend is only exclusive to the women, but it seems that some celebrity has proven me wrong. I would really like to know what goes on in people’s heads when they want to bleach themselves to the point whereby they look abnormal. In this case, a popular Congolese musician has been spotted looking different, and it is believed that he has lightened his skin and the results are quite far from good. This man is none other than General Defao and he is extremely popular all over the world. However, from the photos that you will get to see, a person wonders what made him to take such drastic measures to change his appearance.

image 1

image 2

It is obvious that he has indeed changed, and in my opinion he does not look good at all. His face reminds me of the late Michael Jackson because he now looks white and pale. I hope that people who see his photos do not go and bleach themselves as it can lead them to look even worse than they were before.

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