Pictures! Have You Seen This Ka-“TukTuk” Before?

We all lauded Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers (KVM) based in Thika after they released their first vehicle which they named Mobius. The success of Mobius might have inspired several other guys in Thika to develop their own Kenyan made cars.
A man in his early 40s in Thika’s Kiganjo estate decided to design and develop his own car. This is after efforts to save money to at least buy a car proved futile. He decided to make his own using local resources. The car takes the shape of a TukTuk and he named it “Toyota” maybe because of his love for Toyota Car models.

Exterior Features
The “Toyota TukTuk” has 3 wheels just like the normal Tuktuk. The front wheel is a wheelbarrow wheel and two rear wheels which were recycled from old 14inch car wheels. It also features a head light and an indicator all of which are meant for aesthetics.

Interior Features
On the inside, this Kenyan made car features two wooden seats that are meant for the driver and the passengers. It also features a small FM radio which is powered by two dry cell batteries. It has a steering bar just like the normal TukTuk which helps the driver to be in control while on the road.

Other notable features
Other notable features on this Kenyan made car is the braking system which is an improvised one and functions just like the ones used on hand pulled carts (Mkokoteni). The driver has to step on a 14 inch wheel horizontally placed at the bottom of the car in order for the car to stop. The Safaricom Green color painted on the car is also another distinctive feature that sets the car apart. Its logo is a very common feature worldwide, the Arsenal Football Club Logo, which I think tells us more about the owner.

Driving Experience
For one to fully enjoy riding in this car, it has to be operated by two people. One will take the drivers position inside and be in control of the steering while the other one will be at the back pushing it so that it can move. This then begs the question “How does the owner benefit from the use of this car?” Well, the guy carries kids in Kiganjo estate for 10 shillings each.






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