Popular Tahidi High Actor Succumbs to an Illness

By Eve Kay-August 11, 2015

It is quite a sad time when we hear about the death of an individual and especially if they are known to many people. I can now sadly claim that one of the most popular actors in Tahidi High has lost his life. The young man known as Kelvin Muita lost his life after suffering from an asthma attack. He had been taken to the Mama Lucy Hospital, but unfortunately, the worst took place. The young actor was known for his role as Kevin Rost, and he caught the attention of many people that watched the popular show. It seems that death came knocking at the worst time, as his people were still mourning the loss of Kelvin’s aunt that took place a few days ago. Furthermore, Kelvin had lost his parents when he was quite young and was an orphan. I personally send my condolence to this family as God will be with them.

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