Pregnant Zari Hassan and Diamond are Once Again in the Limelight: Find Out

By Eve Kay-August 5, 2015

Most women shy away from kipping fit when they are pregnant and they use it as an excuse to engage in unhealthy practices such as over eating and just being lazy. Fortunately, pregnancy is not going to stop Zari Hassan from ensuring that she will still have the same hot body that she had before she became pregnant. She is well informed about the benefits of looking good all the time, and especially since she is married to one of the hottest musicians in East Africa. Together with her husband, the two took photos of themselves working out at the gym and I am quite impressed. It is despite the fact that Zari is soon to give birth and this will be a wonderful addition to their family. These photos will show that Zari and her husband are doing what it takes to ensure the delivery of a healthy baby.



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