Prezzo Comes to the Defense of Kenya Airways and this is what he has to Say

By Eve Kay- August 7, 2015

In the recent news, it has been established that Kenya Airways has been making losses and as usual, Kenyans are giving their unending opinion concerning this issue. KQ is facing hard times as it tries to find ways of addressing this issue to ensure that it does not end up bankrupt. The 25 billion losses is an extremely huge amount and many people have come forward to make their thoughts concerning this issue known to all. In fact, some people claim that one of the reasons behind the failure of KQ is that it does not have good looking crew as compared to that of other airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines.

Prezzo has responded to this issue by defending Kenya Airways and he has praised the company unlike what I did not expect. He has said that he will always support KQ regardless of the issues that it is currently facing. More Kenyans need to do what Prezzo is doing as this can even assist the national carrier to deal with its problems more efficiently.

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