Princess Jully now Living in Poverty: Find out Why

By Eve Kay-July 29, 2015

It is not uncommon for individuals that were once famous and living comfortably to lose it all and now have to struggle to make ends meet. Anyone can be affected regardless of whether they come Here in Kenya, Princess Jully, who is known mostly because of her hit song ‘Dunia Mbaya’ faces the problem.

The once famed musician who lived quite well and did not lack anything now seems to be living a life she did not expect. She used to live in Nairobi and has had to go back to the rural home and there are claims that she even lives in a mud house. Furthermore, she does casual menial jobs in order to make some money just to survive. She claims that the reason for the life that she now lives is because of the issue of piracy that exists in Kenya. The MCSK has to do more to ensure many other artistes do not languish in poverty.

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