Quarry Workers Slapped With A 5 Months Jail Term Or A Fine Of KSH 60,000

On Tuesday, 20 of the Mandera quarry workers who survived an Al-Shaabab attack on 2nd Dec 2014 and had returned to their work place were arrested and charged for defying an order from Mandera police boss who ordered them not to stay in the quarry due to insecurity. Many critics have observed that this move by the government is equal to indirectly admitting that the area is still insecure.

However, what is surprising is the fact that teachers who have refused to return to work in Mandera and the North Eastern region at large and are still camping at TSC headquarters in Nairobi are being forced to go back. The big question is, if the government can charge quarry workers for staying and working at the quarry due to insecurity, why are teachers being forced to return to an insecure place?


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