Racist Chinese Restaurant In Nairobi Is Not Licensed

For the past one week, Kenyans have been treated to shocking revelations that a Chinese restaurant in Nairobi’s Lenana-Galana junction in Kilimani does not allow Kenyans in past 5:00pm due to security issues. According to the restaurants management, Kenyans are not allowed in because their Chinese customers feel more safe in the absence of Kenyans who are Al Shabaabs.

However, in a more shocking revelation, the restaurant has been operating illegally for the past 5 years. African/Kenyan employees working in the restaurant also claim that they are being mistreated by their employers and their rights violated. It must also be remembered the coming of Chinese citizens to Kenya brought about the advancement of the transport sector especially after the construction of the Thika Super highway as well as a host of other challenges. It is barely two months since 77 Chinese citizens were arrested in one house with sophisticated communication gadgets.


Do you think these Chinese are good business partners? Share your views with our readers below.


  • Let them go back to china and open up their racist restaurants. This is Africa and here we are kings. See why i love Mugabe despite his odds?

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