In the crime of corruption, the giver and the taker are both guilty. The only victim is the people.

In the United Kingdom, managers of Smith & Ouzman have been jailed for bribing officials of the IIEBC and KNEC for printing contracts. If the printers in England have been jailed, then their accomplices in Kenya also belong to jail.

All we need is the file of the Serious Fraud Office, which has already investigated this case so thoroughly and competently that they have secured a conviction. The Director of Public Prosecutions should be calling those SFO files not for new local investigations which will only be a cover up, but for prosecution of all those mentioned.

We have a clear chance to send clear signals about our distaste for impunity and corruption. By virtue of the positions they held and continue to hold, IEBC chairman Issack Hassan, Energy Cabinet Secretary Davies Chirchir and former chief executive James Oswago, must immediately be taken in for prosecution.

The prosecution must however be extended to all those mentioned, including former IIEBC commissioners Joseph Dena, Ken Nyaundi, Kenneth Karani and Hamida Ali Kibwana, Mr Paul Wasanga and Smith & Ouzman’s local agent, Trevy James Oyombra.

Investigations have been ably done in London. People have been convicted. We must not waste tax-payers money on any further investigations. We must equally not continue squandering the integrity of the critical institutions and the name of the country by allowing people whose place is in jail to continue occupying public offices.

Prosecution of these officers must begin immediately. Those still holding public offices must also vacate them.

February 13, 2015.

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