Raila Tells Uhuru The Bitter Truth Directly To His Face

President Uhuru Kenyatta and other leaders on Tuesday were in Kisumu for the start of 2015 devolution conference. Among those present, was former prime minister and leader of the opposition Hon. Raila Odinga who was also given an opportunity to address the congregation. In his speech, Mr. Odinga noted that the biggest challenge Kenya is facing is insecurity. Mr. Odinga did not mince his words and directly told the president that his people are failing him in securing Kenya. For instance, he wondered why the Kenya police has 13 helicopters out of which only 3 are functional yet the government has employed pilots with no planes to fly. He further failed to understand why it took so long for the Recce squad to be taken to Garissa where they could have saved more life.

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An Exit Strategy

On the issue of our KDF being in Somalia, Raila did not shy away from telling the president that we no longer need to have our soldiers in a foreign country when our own people are dying here at home. He challenged the government to have an exit plan out of Somali because even America was there but left not because the Al-Shabaab defeated them but because their priority is in serving the American people first.

Here is part of Mr. Odinga’s speech.

“Lets have an exit strategy from Somalia. Americans pulled out of Somalia, not that the Alshabaab were stronger than their army, it was because their interest came first. The interests of Kenya should come first. Why take six hours to ferry Recce squad by Road from Nairobi to Garissa? Your Excellency, your people are letting you down.”


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