Reasons Why Sauti Sol Rule the Kenyan Music Industry

By Eve Kay, July 27, 2015

Sauti Sol has captured the admiration of almost every Kenyan and people from all over the world. Their popular songs include Lazizi, Sura Yako, Nereah, among other popular tunes. They have indeed proven to many people that like listening to music they can relate to as well as that which has catchy tunes. It is because of this reasons that the international award-winning group was invited at the dinner held in honor of president Obama last Saturday. They would have an opportunity of entertaining the most powerful man on earth as well as everyone else who had attended the dinner.

The members of Sauti Sol gave an award winning performance that even made presidents Uhuru, Obama, the first Lady among others to join them in the lipala dance. I did not know that president Obama could dance so well all because Sauti Sol did their magic once again.

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