Revealed! This Is How ODM Ensures All Kenyans Are Represented In The Party’s Nominations

We are all not pleased with the recent appointments made by President Uhuru Kenyatta. But again, he just did what our politicians do! They appoint those in their own class and since we don’t have our own to appoint us, we are only left to be voting machines. Now, do you think the situation could have been any different if ODM won the 2013 general elections? I would really love to see what the situation could have been like. But long before that, do you know the formula used by ODM to ensure that all their nominations are free, fair and represent the face of the nation? Here is the secret:

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  1. Did you know that Luo Nyanza had one nomination slot in the National Assembly? It went to Oburu Odinga – from Siaya.
  2. Luo Nyanza had another nomination slot in the senate. It went to Hon. Elizabeth Ongoro – from Siaya
  3. PAC chairmanship was held by Ababu Namwamba, a Luhya. He has been replaced by Hon. Nicholus Gumbo – a Luo from Siaya
  4. ODM Executive Director was a position held by Kalenjins, Margerer Lagat. He was replaced by Oduor Ong’wen – a Luo from Siaya.

And we all say, all is well as long as baba OKAYED it.

Adopted from Hon Jim Bonnie

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