Safaricom is Doing this for Ordinary Kenyans and you can be One of the Lucky Individuals

By Eve Kay-August 4, 2015

It seems that people can find their breakthrough in life in any way based on what Safaricom is doing to change the lives of ordinary Kenyans. The company is now using some of the Kenyans who have ever given an account of certain incidents that are taking place here in Kenya. Some of the lucky individuals in this case are Joseph Mburu of the ‘Ni Kama Vindeo Ni Kam Ndrama’ witness account as well as Mama Sirikali Tafadhali. The two have landed deals that will make them live comfortable lives and this is indeed a blessing.

At the moment, Joseph Mburu is in one of the trending advertisements in the mainstream Media. He is the star of the latest Safaricom advert and it is evident that he has a bright future ahead of him. We wish him the best as we wait to see what Mama Serikali Tafadhali will do next.

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