Shocking! Former Koinange Street Pro$titute Releases Names Of Politicians Who Banged Her

For quite some time now we have all heard of how our politicians have been frequenting Koinange street for $exual satisfaction. However, in move that seems to be aimed at naming and shaming the waheshimiwas who have been secretly visiting Kenya’s famous brothels in Nairobi’s Koinange street, a former pro$titute has prepared a book which she has name the “Black Book”. The book is said to contain names of famous Governors, MPs and senators who were her former clients.

According to the lady, most of her clients are members of the Orange Democratic Party while a small number is from the Jubilee coalition. When asked about her “black book”, here is what the lady had to say:

Most of my clients were ODM MPs and Senators. I also serviced a governor from central Kenya who paid very well at Hilton hotel. Another client who happens to be a prominent cabinet secretary in the Jubilee administration insisted on banging me without protection for sh.10,000″.

“I will be releasing their names soon though one of them who is from ODM has threatened to kill me if I expose him.”


  • Must she say from which political parties these people are? This is another divisive tool aimed at separating Kenyans on political grounds.

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