Shocking! If You Thought This Government Cares About You, See Who Matters A Lot To Them

In a move that seems to be aimed at boosting his chances to be re-elected in 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta did not only appoint political rejects but also sons and daughter of former prominent politicians. The Nyachae’s family seems to be the greatest beneficiaries of these new appointments. See list below:

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  1. Judy kibaki- Kibaki’s daughter
  2. Judy Nyachae- Simeon Nyachae‘s daughter
  3. Kenneth Bitange Nyachae- Nyachae’s son
  4. Leah Ntimama- Ntimama’s daughter
  5. Michael Michuki- John Michuki‘s son
  6. Margaret Saitoti – Saitoti’s wife
  7. Stanley Michuki – Michuki’s son
  8. Lucy Karume – Njenga Karume’s daughter
  9. Wenwa Odinga – Raila Odinga’s sister
  10. Kalembe Ndile – The son of a squatter

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