Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko

Shocking! Senator Mike Sonko Is As Corrupt As Any Other Politician

Senator Mike Sonko With A Gold Plated Tablet

Nairobi senator Mike Sonko has been the number one critique of Governor Evans Kidero due to his involvement in corruption. In a response to these allegations, Governor Kidero pointed out that he has never been corrupt and that Sonko has been peddling drugs to run a parallel government through his Sonko Rescue Team. It is not Kidero alone who has been questioning Sonko’s ability to offer free services without being involved in corrupt dealings. Much has been said but as you know, nothing out of this allegations could be far from the truth.

List of Shame

Today, details have emerged of how senator Sonko has been making money to fund his rescue team. Although earlier on the senator had alleged that he gets funding from well wishers, he is said to be among the cartel that has been looting public funds in the ministry of energy. In what has now culminated into the list of shame where Davis Chirchir cabinet secretary for Energy is alleged to have fraudulently awarded the Kenya Pipeline Company tender costing $500 Million to SINOPEC, Davis and Sonko were to receive a kickback of $15 Million (about Ksh.1.39 billion). They were to share the loot equally.

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The Chicken Gate Scandal

This is not the first time Chirchir is accused of corruption as it was just recently where he was largely mentioned in the chicken gate scandal involving a UK printing firm. On the other hand, Sonko has been trying to maintain a clean name in the eyes of the ordinary citizens by providing

  • Free wedding services,
  • Free funeral services,
  • Free ambulances and fire fighting engines
  • Free water services among others to Nairobians.

Satirical Facebook Post

By now, the appearance of Sonko’s name in the EACC list must be good news to political opponents such as Dr. Kidero who is expected to face it off with senator Sonko in 2017’s general election. It is barely a day after Sonko posted a satirical post on his Facebook account alleging that Kidero had “stepped aside” after being accused of corruption. Here is the post:

We are yet to hear what Sonko will say about the new turn of events.

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