Shocking! This Man Wants To Join The Al-Shabaab. See His Reason For Doing So

We all agree that it is much easier to go to school and graduate but very difficult to secure a job let alone a good one. The government of the day is even making things worse because instead of helping the youth secure jobs by appointing them, the best they can do is appoint people from well known families and whom they think will influence their re-election in 2017. As if that is not enough, the best jobs the Kenyan government can create for the youth is unblocking of sewer lines in their much publicized slum upgrade projects.

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One young man is now seeking to join the al-shabaab because he says to get a job in Kenya you need to bribe someone but for the al-shabaab, no bribes are taken. Instead, you are paid to join them. This is no surprise because just the other day, a University of Nairobi law graduate led his 3 other friends in killing 147 students at Garissa University College.

Here is what the young man posted on Facebook.

Facebook 2015-04-30 09-58-07


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