Shocking! UoN Girl Runs Naked After $ex Became Too Hot To Bear

Kalenjins are always known for record breaking in Marathon until yesterday when a Kamba lady had to flee from her fiancée’s room situated in Hall 11 at a thunderstorm speed while screaming for help at the top of her voice.

According to the neighbors, it begun with laughter and the volume of the music was quickly increased but after awhile some unfamiliar voices could be heard. They became suspicious and immediately concluded that ‘KAMESMELL’… the lady could not withstand the constant pace, movement and the marathon the fiancee adopted while at the apex of love. She screamed, called names, asked for water. cursed the day she was born and when she got chance, she sped away like lightning. Even the already gathered neighborhood who tried to stop her, couldn’t even catch up with her.

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“She ran in her birth suit and her mouth was dry and had cracks” siad Jemo, eye witness. She was later rescued by the custodian and the security nearby and taken to student clinic for checkups and counseling.

The reports knocking us is that the gentleman(fiancé), is a forth year doing his final project and had to wind up in style. He claimed he was hungry and has fasted for long.

Wakoli Kunani a senior student and gents’ adviser, cautioned all ladies to understand themselves before engaging in such activities, he regretted the occurrence as it was a great embarrassment to those who witnessed it.

According to WOSWA chairlady, the ordeal was traumatizing and advised all ladies to stick to books and wait for the right time.
MALIMWENGU HAYO, One word for them?

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  • This is absolutely shocking! I think we girls should learn from this scene that its better to wait for the right time and at the right place. Thanks

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