Sonko Lauds Nairobi County Government For Launching Its Ambulances For Nairobians

It is no secret that Nairobi senator Mike Sonko and Governor Evans Kidero are not so good friends mainly because of corruption allegations that Sonko has been leveling against Kidero. At some point, Kidero had to counter these allegations by saying that some people are well known drug barons and are now running a parallel government. He (Kidero) even ordered his county government askaris to impound SRTs vehicles under the pretext that they are not licensed to operate. This failed to yield results as Sonko’s fans and supporters were quick to warn Kidero against this.

In what seems to be a well calculated move to drive Sonko out of business, the county government of Nairobi has launched its free ambulances. Does this sound threatening to Sonko’s ambitions of being Nairobi’s governor come 2017? Well, to me and you that might be the case. But to Sonko, there exists no threat. In fact, he has lauded Nairobi county government for taking this big step.

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Posting on his Facebook page, Sonko congratulated Kidero and his government and said that is what Nairobians need. However, he was quick to warn the county government that this should not be used to divert our attention from the rampant corruption in the county. Here is what he posted;

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