Student’s Baby Dies At Maseno University Dispensary

Unlike Kenyatta University where female students with babies get support to raise their babies while still studying thanks to the university’s baby day care centre, Maseno University does otherwise. Last week, it is reported that a 2nd year student at Maseno went into labor and having no other option, she rushed herself to the institutions dispensary for help. Instead of getting the required help, the nurses on duty dismissed her under the pretext that the dispensary is not a maternity ward.

No Ambulance

With no ambulance to help take her to any nearby hospital for help, the lady was forced to deliver all by herself with no professional help. It is unfortunate that the nurses could ignorantly allow this happen to a primi-gravida something that saw the baby die in the hands of the mother. Even after the unfortunate event, no psychological counseling was offered to the lady and now she is back to class ready to sit for her exams. This is just how rotten some of our higher institutions are.


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