Supremacy Battles! See What Sonko Did To Governor Evans Kidero During The Labor Day Celebrations

As Kenya marked the Labor Day on Friday the 1st of May, drama erupted when youth who were allegedly hired by suspended Nairobi senator Mike Sonko started chanting anti Kidero slogans. The youth who appeared to be endorsing Sonko’s governorship drew the attention of President Uhuru Kenyatta who at the time of these happenings was delivering his speech to the congregation.

The president had to cut short his speech and plead with the youth to respect Dr. Kidero as the current Nairobi governor and allow him to finish his term. Uhuru reminded the youth that they are the ones who elected governor Kidero and that they should work with him as long as he’s in office. To calm the youth, the president noted that as much as they might want Sonko to be their governor come 2017, the decision will be upon them when that time comes.


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