The Bandana Craze in Kenya: Its Real Meaning!!!!!!

By Eve Kay-July 15, 2015

Kenyans have been rocking bandanas for a long time, and people from different social classes commonly use them. It is easy to spot the house help putting on her yellow bandana or even seeing a ‘fashionista’ rocking their bandana on the back pocket of their jeans. The bandana trend has once again hit Kenya, and especially in Nairobi. Most of the malls around town have stocked their shops with bandana-inspired clothes such as t-shirts, jeans and shorts, and they are quite popular.

Do people really know what putting on a bandana means? then it is important to know. In the United States, the bandana is associated with a gang affiliation. For example, the Crip gang is associated with the blue bandana, while the black bandana is popular among the 18th Street Gang. It is evident that in Kenya, the bandana is mostly viewed as a form of fashion statement.

 If you are travelling abroad, make sure that you do not go around rocking your bandana inspired fashion pieces at the wrong place as they could get you into trouble. Anyway, have fun rocking your bandanas and this goes to all the fashionistas. 


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