The Backlash that Victoria Kimani Received from Kenyans after Talking about them

By Eve Kay- July 21, 2015

Victoria Kimani has taken over the Kenyan music scene and some people even refer to her as being an international artiste. She has managed to take over the music scene and at the moment she is based in Nigeria. She made a smart move of going to Nigeria to further her music career, as this is where all the best musicians in Africa come from. They include WizKid, Davido, Tiwa Sawage, Yemi Alade and the list is endless. Victoria Kimani seems to have become extremely comfortable in Nigeria to the point whereby she claimed that Kenyans do not do anything to support their artistes. In turn, the Kenyan music industry is not growing at the same rate as that of its Nigerian counterparts.

Kenyans on Twitter did not respond kindly to Victoria Kimani’s sentiments and they responded back in a harsh manner. The next time, Victoria Kimani has the urge to say something about Kenyan’s I would advise her to keep it to herself.

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