The Bleaching Craze: Guess who seems to have caught up with it

By Eve Kay- July 21, 2015

It seems that many women are now turning to bleaching their skins in an attempt to become more ‘beautiful’. They are doing this without caring much about the repercussions involved as long as long as they achieve their desired look. Among the women who are claimed to have bleached their skin include Ray C and Vera Sidika. Currently, there are claims that a vitimbi actress known as Nyasuguta has undergone skin bleaching. It was clear that her skin color has been changing over the past few years and Kenyans got to see her most recently when she attended the Churchill show last week. She had come together with other Kenyans to honor the later Mzee Ojwang who will be buried this Saturday.

Based on Nyasuguta’s new appearance, I give her a thumbs up as she looks quite good. Regardless of whether she has bleached her skin or not, is not anyone’s business.

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