The Most Awaited Event this Weekend: The Reopening of Westgate Mall

By Eve Kay- July 16, 2015

Almost everyone remembers the day that Nairobi came to a standstill when the Somali Al Shabab were responsible for the death of 67 individuals, and they wounded many others at the Westgate mall on 21 September 2013. In turn, the mall was closed down, and after almost two years, it will soon be reopened on 18 July. It is now possible to get rid of the bad memories and once again look forward to the opening of the mall.

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The mall has been upgraded, and it will offer even better shopping experiences for those who used to frequent the establishment. Some of the shops that are to open include Subway, Nakumatt, Barclays Bank, Pizza Hut, and Ashley’s among others. It seems that the mall will go back to its former glory as being one of the most vibrant malls in East Africa. Therefore, if you do not have any plans for this weekend, make sure you head to the Westgate mall and get to experience what it is offering.

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