The Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is now a Degree Holder (Photos)!!!!

By Eve Kay-July 17, 2015

Mike Sonko is known for being extremely wealthy and being generous as well, and it is hard to find such individuals. Most times, together with his Sonko rescue team, they help people that are in need of help and the reason many Kenyans admire him. Even though Sonko was blessed with a lot or riches, he still was aware about the importance of acquiring an education. It is the reason why he attended the Kenya Methodist University and studied for a degree course in Business Administration and he will be graduating tomorrow.

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Sonko seemed to be quite excited and was even seen putting on his graduation gown ahead of the graduation day itself. Below are some of the photos that he posted on his Facebook account.

I personally must say that I am proud of the senator as he is a perfect role model. He has served as an example to the young people who believe that education is not important even though one is rich. Bravo senator you are indeed an inspiration to Kenyans.

See photos and much here:

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