Why Is Septum Piercing Fast Gaining Popularity in Kenya? Is It A Fashion Statement?

By Eve Kay-July 17, 2015

Everyone always has a moment in their lives when they feel that they need to do something to their bodies such as getting a tattoo or a piercing. It seems to be a phase of life that usually starts during teenage hood and some experience it even later in life. Some of the most common piercings are done on the belly, ears and tongue as well as other body parts. Lately, the septum piercing has gained popularity in Kenya as many young women are getting this piercing. For those who do not know what this is, let me educate you. It is the piercing that is done on the lower part of the nose near the nostrils and the area is made up of cartilage.

The septum-piercing craze has caught up all over the world as celebrities have also embraced it. Some of the celebrities that rock this trend are Rihanna and Kat Graham and even those from Kenya include Talia Oyando and Adele Onyango. However, the piercing is more of a fashion statement and it is not for everyone.


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