Think Again before Deciding to Mess with Honorable Moses Kuria!!!

By Eve Kay- July 16, 2015

The Name Moses Kuria is now synonymous with almost every Kenyan as he has been a trending subject in the local media. The politician has caused quite a scene based on his actions that are viewed as being outrageous. First, he was caught on camera uttering some questionable statements and he even walked out on Hussein Ali while being interviewed. Now there are claims that he was yet again involved in another compromising situation.

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It is claimed that even though he is being highlighted negatively, he still has fans and supporters. This was evident when he went to support the Gor Mahia football team by giving them some much needed cash. However, one of the Gor Mahia supporters decided to make his opinion concerning Kuria known and this lead to trouble. The man was roughed up by Kuria’s goons, and I am sure the man learned his lesson the hard way. Never mess with the Honorable Moses Kuria.

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