This is How Vera Sidika Looks Like after Gaining Weight: Photo

By Eve Kay-July 27, 2015

Most recently, Vera Sidika was the talk of the town after purchasing the latest Range Rover that cost her as much as 20 million shillings. I am sure that even when she posed with her Range Rover, people could not see how much weight she had gained as all the attention was on her vehicle. However, she seems to have added quite considerable weight and she herself has attested to this fact. Here is a recent photo that shows her considerable weight gain:

She now wants to take the needed action, which will ensure that she has the body that used to make people turn heads. It will be possible to achieve this if she goes on a diet and hits the gym as well as other using healthy ways of losing weight. However, she must do something quite quickly as many other wannabe socialites will soon give her competition.

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