This is Kim Kardashian West’s Fashion Icon and it will Inspire You (Photo)

By Eve Kay-July 30, 2015

In my opinion, Kim Kardashian West is the most stylish and fashionable woman that I know. She looks good in everything that she puts on, and mostly because she has almost every woman’s dream body. I was quite surprised when she recently said that she adores a certain woman’s style, because I believe that she is a fashion icon herself and others follow. Kim West tweeted that “Damn!!!!! How Hot does Jlo look!!!!! She will forever be my idol”. The woman that she mentioned was none other than Jennifer Lopez and I now understand why she chose her. The two have quite similar fashion styles regardless of the fact that they are not age mates.


For all the Kenyan women that want to look good make sure that you go to the internet and see how these two lovely women dress and you will be inspired. You do not have to be rich to dress like them as you can even buy thrift shop items.

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