This is the Drama that went Down when two Top Female Musicians fought over Kristoff

By Eve Kay-August 13, 2015

It is not a rare occurrence to hear about two women fighting over a man regardless of whether the individuals are celebrities or not. Furthermore, the man is usually responsible for the conflict, and they tend to behave as if nothing has happened. The latest incident involved some top female artistes, and they are Tracy Kush and Yvonne Darcq who were involved in a fight because they both seem to have a thing with the rapper known as Kristoff. The drama went down on Tuesday night when the two female artistes were engaged in altercations both at K1 and at Tribeka. It reached a point whereby it is alleged that Darcq threw bottles at Kush. In turn, this caused a scene at K1. It is unfortunate that Kristoff has denied most of what took place and I am not surprised. These celebrities need to find ways of not airing their dirty linen in public as this is too much.

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